With Bhoomi Verticals, We aim to engrain the Bhoomi Vision into the entire food chain. Bhoomi is involved in every step from the farm to your table.

Bhoomi Grown

We grow fruits and vegetables on Bhoomi’s multiple farms, in various climates, high nutritive, rich, and biodiverse soil with superabundant microbial activity. 

Bhoomi Made

We make value-added products like whole grain organic slow-fermented breads, and wholegrain batters, healthy sauces, pickles, etc. from Bhoomi grown or Bhoomi Verified safe organic whole ingredients to help make your kitchen healthy and chemical free. No hidden additives and taste enhancers are used.

Bhoomi Verified

We have some extraordinary farmers in India. We partner with farmers who look after their soil by farming in tune with nature. They need to be truly rare and outstanding farmers for us to work with them. We certify their product and farm with our in-house 80 point certification program for farmers and source directly from them, or not at all.