Vocations at Bhoomi

We nurture our team, nourish our soil, take care of the environment, grow exceptional and nutrient dense fruits and vegetables, create some of the healthiest and tastiest food products, invest in our customers’ health and happiness, and deliver the fruits of this labor to homes across Bangalore everyday.

This takes a band of brilliant people committed to our ethics and ethos, and a lot of hard work and dedication. If you think you will enjoy this, and are ready to commit to be a part of the proud Bhoomi team, you’re in the right place.

What It Takes to be A Part Of Bhoomi

As a Bhoomi Warrior,

You need to have a drive and passion with an incredible work ethic, to always push yourself to do the best work possible

You are someone who has an enthusiasm for learning and that is only matched by your excitement to implement what you learn.

Integrity & honesty are values that is core to your belief system, and you wear that badge proudly on your lapel.

Why You Should Join BHOOMI

Be a part of the Bhoomi family

    If you like working for an honourable business, where your voice matters, where we are all friends, where the CEO cooks yummy food for us, where the team is a forward-thinking bunch, and our values run through everything we do, then join us for great work, great people, great food, and fair wages and benefits!
    Regenerative soil farming practices to heal mother nature with carbon sequestration. Sustainable farming is not just a buzz term, it is a pillar that holds Bhoomi up!
    Source-traced 100% regenerative organic farming that you can proudly claim as the fruits of your labour.
    Bhoomi’s purpose is not merely to make money, but serve the community and satisfy environmental and societal needs sustainably. It is not how much money we make, but how we make it that matters most to us.

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